About Book

The salient features of the book are,
  • It specifically written for helping the IAS Aspirants and newspaper readers who don’t have Economics background.
  • It focuses on basic concepts of Indian economy and thus not only helpful to beginners but also provide a strong base for further reading in Economics.
  • Written in very simple lucid language and illustrated with graphs and diagrams for vivid explanation of the concepts
  • Uses simple numerical example on explanation yet avoided tedious numerical data and statistics.
  • Uses authentic source for data as they were taken from the documents like RBI Report of Working group on ‘Money Supply: Analytics and Methodology of Compilation’, Human Development Report 2010 etc.
This book not only removes the fear of economics from you but aids to fetch more marks in all levels of IAS examination.
This is now a book for common man also even though he do not prepare for any competitive exam.
This book is more helpful to readers of economic news and newspapers.

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  1. good evening sir, your book INDIAN ECONOMY key concepts helped a lot in yesterdays prelims 2013 economy part and my friends too said same like many questions were from ur book directly lik disguised employment etc. thank you very much sir
    yours sincerely